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Czeladz photos20-11-2014
Steszew photos20-11-2014
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Map of Poland presents location of the city on the map, geographic coordinates of towns and cities, town plans, city plans and roads between cities. Map of Poland, as well as the map of Europe, provide information on city plans which enables you to locate the entered address: city, street and the house number.

Polish administrative division - into voivodeship, poviats and communities - is also presented. Information about cities, which constitute parts of poviats and voivodeships, as well as information about the population in the poviats, is available. What is mor, map of Poland with the division into poviats and voivodeships is also provided.

Portal provides tourist information on: town and city plans, decription of the selected location, photographs, links to the websites on towns and cities. Our aim is to present places worth visiting (either for a trip of holiday). Portal contains the list of accommodation - hotels, agrotourism.

Entry to accommodation database is free.

Map of Poland - Transport route determination

Distances between cities are measured for any two cities in Poland. It is also possible to measure distances from the selected location to the main cities in Poland.

When you enter two addresses it is possible to determine the driving route with road numbers and cities along the route. Information concerning the length of the route and anticipated travel time is also presented. Route determination is available for Poland and the whole Europe.
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W mrozny poranek
Skwer na petli autob...
Stara Wies
Oltarz w kosciele w ...
Stara Wies
Oltarz w kosciele w ...
Stara Wies
Oltarz w kosciele w ...
Stara Wies
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Stara Wies
Nawa glowna Sanktuar...
Stara Wies
Ozdobne kraty w prze...
Stara Wies
Oltarz w nawie boczn...
Stara Wies
Oltarz w nawie boczn...
Stara Wies
Oltarz w nawie boczn...
Stara Wies
Brama kosciola w Sta...
Przychodnia CERTUS, ...
Stara Wies
Lawki w kosciele w S...
Stara Wies
Lawki w kosciele w S...
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